Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction: Nationwide Service

Pro-Trade provides a specialist cavity wall insulation removal service, using the very latest CWI extraction technology.

If cavity wall insulation has been poorly or inappropriately fitted, it may lead to problems of damp and condensation. In these circumstances, it is likely that it will have to be removed.

Removing cavity wall insulation is a frustrating expense for customers who had it installed in good faith, thinking that it would save them money. We remove:

  • Expanded polystyrene
  • Loose and/or bonded Urea Formaldehyde Insulation
  • Rockwool Mineral Fibre
  • Whitewool Glass Mineral Fibre

The redundant cavity wall insulation is removed using an industrial vacuum machine, the nozzle will be positioned using the drilling pattern.

The removal of material commences at the base of the property, working its way up the drilling pattern checking that the entire cavity wall is free from insulation material. All waste material is bagged during the extraction and no waste materials are left behind.

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