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A property is usually the largest asset an individual, company or organisation will own. Without regular Planned Preventative Property Maintenance the property will degrade, reducing the asset value. There will, in all likelihood, also be increasing demands for high-cost maintenance elements such as building services, re-roofing, or structural repairs.

Pro Trade can cater for all your Planned Preventative Property Maintenance needs to ensure your assets are compliant and operational. We work with you to plan the most cost effective schedule to ensure your planned maintenance needs are fully met. We can also provide advice, guidance and create a bespoke planned maintenance package suitable for any size of business, taking into account all relevant aspects of your company and your chosen market sector.

Therefore, it is financially advantageous, if not essential, to have a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) schedule. A PPM schedule can ensure that routine maintenance and repair works are implemented to ease out peaks and troughs in the annual maintenance cost cycle of a building, and ensure that the asset value of the property is maintained or enhanced.

Value of Planned Preventative Property Maintenance

We recommend considering the following, for planned preventative maintenance we can provide:

Periodic gutter cleaning

Roof inspections

Bulb replacement servicing

Drainage inspections


Guttering replacement

Building painting

Fence installation

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